Creating A Platform

Originally published 26-June-2009

On several of the agent blogs that I regularly read, they've been talking about authors having a platform. Wow! What a daunting process. The internet is HUGE. It's worse than being in the city where there are millions of people. On the web there are BILLIONS of people and infinitately more websites and webpages. Where do you even start?

I'm on Twitter. Not really getting it so much.

I have the blog which I'm having tons of fun with.

I have the website--which seriously needs to be re-formatted. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but with my limited knowledge of web-building, it's just not working.


So how do I get more people? And how do I sell a product that...just isn't there yet?

*whimper, moan* People--all five of you!!--please tell others about these great books that they won't be seeing for a few years yet. *biting lip* Somehow I don't think that's going to work out so much.

I do have one link that will hopefully help me and you out. The platform link. I'm going to pour over this while revising DA and see what I can come up with as far as ideas to get more traffic in here.

I also read this blog post that was incredibly helpful and made me realize -- after I'd posted this in a mad fit of oh-my-freakin'-Pete-I'm-SCREWED-ness -- that I'm fine. I can't sell something that isn't sold and available to the public yet. So I'm fiiiiiiiiiine!

*wiping sweat off brow* How many years have I been doing this and researching and...holy crap! I nearly went into hysterics here going, "You're not ready. Everyone says to wait until you're ready and you're not ready!" I'm a dork. I know.

But, you know what? Since I'm not going to be published for awhile and I AM having a ton of fun with this darned thing (the blog, not Twitter and not the site) I'd like to see how I could open this to a whole bunch of others. My fellow writers. And not just in comments that are hidden. No, no. I have to find another way, to get everyone in here and talking about their current projects and some of the hurdles they're facing. I think that would be GREAT fun!

So if you're a writer/author that I don't know yet, please introduce yourself and let me know if you'd like to swap some ideas, post something on here...whatever.