Joshua Bahrain

Joshua was crafted after a hero of mine, Nikola Tesla.  He's been getting a lot of notoriety lately, which I'm hugely excited about. Mr. Tesla was a brilliant inventor with an inventor's mind and personality. My idea was that someone in my story had be a inventor-hero.

Originally, we were going to set him up in a remote location so he could work on his own, but...things are changing and he's not a man to be a recluse.  

Funding Inventions

One of the tricky things about Joshua is that he's friends with poor people. This is an issue because in order to invent the tech we need for the story--and for the continuation of it--he needs materials. 

Now... Okay. Joshua is a person inside my head. He's not aware of me like some characters are. In his mind, he needs investors so he can help Synn win the war to keep people safe. He did lose his family to Nix. There are no great resurrections coming for him like they do for Yvette. 

But that means he has to create aliases that make him seem a little shady. 

No one--no one--is black and white, and Joshua is no exception. He does his best. 

Raising Keeley

Joshua and Keeley are the only two surviving members of their family that they know of. They were taken to Sky City with a few other kids who kept "disappearing" never to be seen again. 

The first thing Joshua did was approach Dyna and get her to understand his value. If he hadn't, Keeley, also, would likely have disappeared. 

Joshua is able to see beyond people's actions to look at their true intentions, something Keeley struggles with. He's tried his hardest to raise her to be strong and to stand on her own. 

He's made quite a few decisions that directly impact Keeley's life, the kind that sometimes haunt him. But he ensured she remained safe. Always.