Keeley Bahrain

Keeley is a lot of readers' favorite character. She's sweet, innocent, lovable, and has such an incredibly warm heart. She's the first easily decent person Synn meets.

She's also the woman everyone wants Synn to fall in love with. Love her, but don't get too attached to the Synn-Keeley match.  

Heart Matters

Keeley's Mark appeared the night her family was killed, and its appearance is actually what hastened their deaths. It's tragic and horrible, and one of the reasons Keeley refuses to use her Mark and has such a low opinion of herself. 

Keeley is a warm person. No questions about it. She's probably the warmest, nicest person in the series right now. Well, there are a few others, but no one else has had any real screen time. 

She's able to see the best in just about anyone and everyone. Not Nix, of course, because once a person does something evil in her book, there's no turning back. There's no salvation. There's no goodness. 

Healing the hurt

Keeley's Mark is healing, which absolutely perfect for her. She heals the body, the mind, and the soul with her Mark. 

We're going to war, if I ever get the chance to continue with this series, so many would think there's no place for a woman like Keeley in war. 

But there is. Her story will be one of the key character stories that I hope to tell because there are so many who can connect with her, who will understand when she falters, and who will witness and rise with her when she fights back--her way. 

She's a great character and easy to love.