Synn El'Asim

Synn isn't real bright and he's not always super observant. It means he's not the best narrator for the story, but this is something I didn't realize when I started telling this story. I fought with him a lot when I first started writing it. Originally, we started this in a third person POV because I knew the story would have a broad scope that wasn't conducive to a single point of view, but he came off as such a stick in the mud! 

It wasn't until I changed it to first person, (I, me) that I was able to connect with him. It may be a failing on my part as an author. 

The El'Asim

Some of you may have noticed that El'Asim is an Arabic last name. We might be on a different planet, but the names and languages have Earth origins. If I ever get the chance to continue the series, we'll discover more about that. 

I chose Arabic because, at that time, we Americans were just ramping up our "hate all Middle Eastern" propaganda and I thought it was garbage. They're still people, and I wanted to show that. 

Now, my characters are only loosely shaped by today's customs, but I hope that people will read this story, then walk in real life and not make snap judements about people because of their skin tone and bone structure.

Air ships and this sky

The real reason I chose Synn to tell the story is silly. 

I wanted to fly in this amazing sky. 

The story originally opened in a very slow-starting chapter where we're on the ship. It's freezing cold because of their stupid winter, and he's running up the rigging, checking on the air jelly, seeing all the other creatures and plants that are needed to keep a flying ship independent, and then staring at this sky. 

I love this sky. That was the first thing I mentioned to Bogdan Antoci when I commissioned the backgrounds for the new covers. I can't tell you how many times I've stared up into those foreign stars in my pretends. It's amazing. 

I had to cut that scene, but there's another one later in the series and I hope you enjoy it.