Yvette LABlanc

Many readers don't like Yvette. She's a hard read. It's difficult to see what's going on behind that "oh, too pretty" face. They see her clothes and her hair and those stupid shoes when we first meet her, and completely write her off as just another pretty bimbo. 

Yvette is far from that. She's an intelligence officer and wicked smart when it comes to reading people and situations. 

Behind the Mask

Sometimes, it's hard to crack the mask of some people. I'm not going to lie. When I first Yvette, I didn't understand her much. She was just a woman that my sister created because she wanted more "steampunk flare." 

It wasn't until I was just walking around the House of Swords one evening while doing dishes that I overheard her and Dyna talking. 

I didn't enter. I stayed right outside the door. There are characters who will shut up if I enter a room, and both Dyna and Yvette do that. To this day. 

The conversation they had was eye-opening. They're not cold, but they're both calculating. They're not going to cry in their supper when something goes wrong, but they do care about the world around them. Very deeply. 

Losing her mother

Yvette was crushed when she lost her family. She thought they'd all drowned. She comes from a society where they make huge families. A single woman gathers a harem of men to her. Those men also have concubines, which is a little odd, but the fact of the matter is that each household is a very large family unit. Lots of kids. Lots of parents. 

She lost all of that in one night. 

Imagine being surrounded by so many and suddenly being comforted by none. 

It was a brutal shock to her system and on that re-wrote Yvette for the rest of her life. It's doubtful she will ever truly open herself like that to others again.