Keva Duste is an engineered human on a mission: find the weapon the corporate elite has amassed and secure it. 

Humanity has conquered the black, but not their own inherent greed. The four systems surrounding Kalamatra Station provide members of the Elite class with everything they could want: mined minerals, abundant food, and an entire system to call their own, a place of paradise and riches. But for some, that isn’t enough.

Terrans and common spacers suffer under untenable work conditions and crumbling, radioactive stations while the Elite thrive. Now the commoners are threatening to revolt.

With the four systems on the verge of civil war, the Codex Syndicate’s covert intelligence network learns of an Elite weapon designed to alter the common people to their genetic core. The Elite have planned to test deployment on the mutinous Red Sky colony and force their compliance.

Codex Syndicate agent Keva Duste is an ex-military, engineered human with a score to settle. Together with a renegade space captain, an Elite refugee, and two sentient AIs, she must race to locate the weapon and stop the genocide of the human race before it can begin. Can Keva save Red Sky from destruction before the Elite turn this weapon on the rest of the settlements? And if she does, will she ignite a revolution?

Note: This was previously published in the "Dominion Rising" boxed set.


Dottie isn't going down without a fight. She's the only one who knows the real players...

And the only one who understands the real stakes.

Keva and Dottie won the Battle of Red Sky. 

Kind of.

Now Keva’s captured and Dottie is fighting to survive in the Black on her own. The team is scattered. Captain Hale Reeve is off working for the Families and keeping to himself. The sentient AI ARO is missing. And the freed military engineered Jays are nowhere to be found.

Dottie isn’t done fighting, though. They may have destroyed the biological weapons the elite had detonated on Bitter Moon, but now that she knows what she's up against, she knows there are more than lives at stakes. The very basis of what it means to be human is on the line and if the elite are behind this evil, this fight really is hers.

The race is on to find Heliac 9, free Keva, locate ARO, and to stop the corporate elite before they bring their plans to the rest of the Four Systems. The people living in the Black won’t end up the winners. So Keva, Princess of the Black, will do whatever it takes to save the common citizens of the United Systems.

Even if she has to paint the Black red to do it.