On-line Courses
You should continue learning. On-line college courses are exploding right now, and if you watch it, Udemy will send offers for their classes for only $10 each. Most of these classes are GREAT. I recommend signing up for them....and then taking them. I listen to them on the drive to and from work. 

Digital Marketing:11 Steps to Become a Lead & Profit Machine Oxford Learning Lab    
nline Marketing Plan for Beginners

ecome a Digital Marketer in 10 days!

21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs Docstoc Videos

Learning How to Learn (for us procrastinators)

You can say to yourself that you don't want to know these things. I didn't either. 

But then I said to myself, "Self, I want to start making money at this thing so I can spend more time on it." 

So, I put on my Big Girl Panties...and I'm learning. I just scratched the surface and my sales are improving. SEO isn't as scary as it sounds.