Season 1: Origins

The Whiskey Witches saga starts with Origins. 

Paige Whiskey is a homicide detective and a witch. So, she's handed some of the more "interesting" cases. Together with her demon hunter boyfriend, Dexx Colt, and her family, she solves the crimes, and puts the bad guys away! 

The boxset is a convenient way to get started. It also has the prequel novella, a short story, and tons of deleted scenes and bonus materials. 

Also available in audiobooks. 

Season 2: Shiftings

Shiftings, Season 2, includes two other sister series: Red Star Division and Shifting Hearts. 

The Red Star Division has Dexx Colt leading investigations. Yeah. It's not a great idea. He loves cars and catching the bad guy, but he's a rule breaker, not a rule maker. We've got a lot of car chases and high stakes battles! It's a lot of fun! My husband and I are having an absolute blast with this series!

Shifting Hearts is our paranormal romance series, which never really took off. We don’t have alpha “asshole” males. Our men are real guys with real emotions and reactions. They don’t dominate or force their way in. They’re just guys. We don’t have flightly “strong” women who lose their minds when a man walks in with his shirt off. We have real women with real lives and real priorities. And our women really do take the spotlight. They’re not just the dressing to our man salad.

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Crossover: Sven Seven-Tails

This is our attempt at the CW Arrow-verse type cross-over, which was a lot of fun! We’re totally going to make this a yearly thing.

In this one, Sven Seven-Tails comes back with a vengeance. It’s going to take everyone to overtake him. And hopefully, we succeed this time!

It starts in Red Star, transitions to Shifting Hearts, and the finale happens in Whiskey Witches.

Season 3: Midnight Rising

2019 is Season 3: Midnight Rising.

It will include Whiskey Witches, Red Star Division, and a new sister series, Whiskey & Wine Mysteries, starring Leslie Whiskey-Mooney.

We’re dealing with the fall-out of the crossover. Big things are changing and it’s going to be amazing.

Shifting Hearts will continue if Alivia and I feel like continuing, but it will continue on the side-street without needing to be read with each season for continuity.

Hubby and I are currently writing the first two books in this season. We’ll let you know as we get more information!