Wow...four books about the Whiskey Witches. It’s a real recipe for a mixed bag of magick.
Add in Shape Shifters, Demons and Angels. Now Djinni and Vamps for a little spice. Can’t leave out Dryads...and other Paranormals.
Fold in murder, power struggles, love, betrayal, and teen angst.
It all rises up to a satisfying dish for the adventurous pallet.
— Juli Erickson

Season 1: Origins

The Whiskey Witches saga starts with Origins. 

Paige Whiskey is a homicide detective and a witch. So, she's handed some of the more "interesting" cases. Together with her demon hunter boyfriend, Dexx Colt, and her family, she solves the crimes, and puts the bad guys away! 

The boxset is a convenient way to get started. It also has the prequel novella, a short story, and tons of deleted scenes and bonus materials. 

Also available in audiobooks. 

Season 2: Shiftings

Shiftings, Season 2, includes two other sister series: Red Star Division and Shifting Hearts. 

The Red Star Division written by my husband. Dexx Colt takes lead at the Red Star Division. He loves cars and catching the bad guy, but he's a rule breaker, not a rule maker. We've got a lot of car chases and high stakes battles! It's a lot of fun!

Shifting Hearts is our paranormal romance series and was written by Alivia Patton and myself. We wrote romance stories we wanted to read with real men and women who lead. Our romantic characters have flaws, they’re relatible, and they’re easy to cheer on!

In other words, it’s easy to fall in love with them!

Have no fear!

You don’t have to read each book in Season 2 to stay current with the plot. Read the books you want. We made sure that Season 2 was written to any reader, no matter where you come in at.

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I love SM (Frankie) Blooding’s ever-expanding world of novels revolving around the Whiskey family and their friends. Every single one of them, whether in the main storyline or offshoot storylines, has been superb.
— The Mysterious Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER
I absolutely think this is the best one yet! And LOVED all the others! The battle in this one draws you so far into it you start to think you’re there!
— royal_q

Crossover: Sven Seven-Tails

I’m a huge fan of the CW Arrowverse and love, love, LOVE when they do their yearly crossovers. I also love when other NCIS teams appear on the sister shows for an episode or two. So, I wanted to emulate that. My husband and Alivia were game, so we did something that hasn’t really been done in the book world: we created our own crossover event!

Sven Seven-Tails has been a recurring bad guy since Whiskey Witches, Book 1. So, it was more than time to deal with him. We crafted a three-book event that brings everyone—including the town—together in an amazing battle to take our strongest villain down once and for all.

There were a few readers who didn’t appreciate having to read a romance in the middle of this, so we’ve added a section in Dead Demon Die for those who really, really, really didn’t want to read Mirror, Mirror Demon Rubble.

We really do tailor the reading experience to our fans.

Season 3: Midnight Rising

2019 is Season 3: Midnight Rising.

It will include Whiskey Witches, Red Star Division, and a new sister series, Whiskey & Wine Mysteries, starring Leslie Whiskey-Mooney.

We’re dealing with the fall-out of the crossover. Big things are changing and it’s going to be amazing.

Shifting Hearts will continue as well, but not at a breakneck pace this year. We want our romances to continue to be just as genuine as we can make them, so we’re writing them as our hearts flow.

Hubby and I are currently writing the first two books in this season. Join our newsletter to follow our journey through this season!