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The Whiskey Witches saga starts with Origins. 

Paige Whiskey is a homicide detective and a witch. So, she's handed some of the more "interesting" cases. Together with her demon hunter boyfriend, Dexx Colt, and her family, she solves the crimes, and puts the bad guys away! 

The boxset is a convenient way to get started. It also has the prequel novella, a short story, and tons of deleted scenes and bonus materials. 

Also available in audiobooks. 

Red Star Division

This is where we branch off in a big way! 

The Red Star Division has Dexx Colt leading investigations. Yeah. It's not a great idea. He loves cars and catching the bad guy, but he's a rule breaker, not a rule maker. 

We've got a lot of car chases and high stakes battles! It's a lot of fun! My husband and I are having an absolute blast with this series!

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Shadow Sisterhood

Here's our romantic element. We're probably going to change the title of the series because it's completely branching out into something neither Alivia nor I guessed it would. 

Each book is a different set of characters falling in love while exploring the different paranormals. It's not just witches and werewolves. We have bear shifters, a padfoot, and a porcupine shifter so far! It's a lot of fun! 


And Whiskey Witches continues with Shiftings. 

The Whiskey family is changing by leaps and bounds. Their dynamic is shifting. Their way of life is evolving. 

All in preparation for something bigger, badder. 

What is that and are they ready? 

Running Together

Shiftings, Red Star Division, and Shadow Sisterhood all run at the same time, so there are enveloping storylines. However, each series is written so you don't have to read the other books if you don't want to. 

I will recommend that you read all of the Whiskey Witches books to understand what's going on in Shiftings. There's just too much story to be able to keep readers solidly on their feet throughout. But! The other two? You should be fine!